MTC Registration

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2019 MTC最新消息


  1. 提前報名將在 11/15/2019 星期三午夜前截止。事先註冊非常有幫助,所以我們的團隊可以做相應的準備。
  2. 為了方便特會籌備,網上報名將於11/23/2019星期六午夜前截止。截止之後只接受當場報名。
  3. 報名確認函將通過電子郵件發送。
  4. “免責信”表格今年可上網下載。當您報名特會時,屏幕會自動顯示出“免責信”。如果未成年人為自己報名時,請在報名前先確認父母或合法監護人“同意”免責信,然後才繼續報名程序。

Conference Fees

Adult 成人 Free
Student Youth Ministry 青年學生
$30 For Thursday, Friday, Saturday Lunch
(6th grade and above)
(Incl. 3 day’s lunch 包括三天午餐)
Child 孩童 Free
(3yrs old to 5th grade)
Child 孩童 free
(0-2 years old)

Welcome to the MTC registration page.  Please register through here. We have made a few changes to the registration process this year – please see the details below.

  1. Early bird registration will end on Friday, 11/15/2019, at 11:59PM – registering early is extremely helpful for our team to be best prepared to serve our conference attendees!
  2. In order to help us better prepare for the conference, online registration will end on 11:59pm, Saturday, 11/23/2019. Only walk-in registration will be accepted after that date.
  3. Registration confirmation will be emailed to participants after submission.
  4. “Release of Liability” forms are made online this year. When you register, you will see a pop-up screen with the “Release of Liability” letter. If you are a minor registering yourself, please be sure to have your parent/legal guardian to “Agree” to the letter before proceeding in the registration process.